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For Those Who Want To Make A Difference


We submit a perfect design for those who want to make a difference With the Led. We show our difference by going beyond the ordinary in skirtings. With Led which is our registered design, helps to create a modern and stylish look by drawing all the attention in homes. The skirting which has a protection feature as in every model, this time captures elegance as well as all this durability. While luxury skirtings bring elegance to homes, this time the with Led skirting makes every space special.

Skirtings which carefully protect the junction points of the walls and the bottom of the walls in the houses, serve as a protector in every sense. It prevents the edges of the walls from getting dirty, and besides this, it ensures that all the bad images that are formed or may occur are eliminated. Apart from being used for this purpose, its compatibility with the house is also taken into consideration. In order for other items and accessories to achieve harmony at home, skirtings are now given importance. Thanks to the with Led skirting, it makes a difference in living spaces as well as comfortable areas. Skirtings made of durable materials are preferred by everyone, as they have plenty of color options and are designed in accordance with all areas. Unlike other skirting models, it both prevents possible damage to the walls and undertakes the complementary task between the floor and the wall. You can also make an effective touch to your houses with our special and proprietary design with Led model.



Luxury white lacquer finish..



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