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The skirtings that connect the wall and floor tiles are now with you in different designs.

The Sümela skirtings which even has all the features in its stylish design, has been developed to meet all your needs with its magnificent design.  Skirtings which can be used in many areas are among the indispensables of houses with their qualified materials. So, in which areas and for what purposes are Sümela skirtings used?Skirtings are used at the bottom of the walls.

It acts as a protector by preventing dirt and dust that may occur at the bottom of the walls.

In addition, it is almost a shield against scratches and impacts on the walls. Luxurious skirtings are considered extremely important for the protection of the walls that reflect the modern and clean view of the houses.

In addition to the benefits it provides, impression it leaves at home is also very important.

Luxurious skirtings that take on the role of complement in homes; It helps the house look more whole by combining the walls and floor coverings. It has become indispensable for those who want a comfortable space in their houses as well as those who want a stylish look.


You can have all these with Sümela luxury skirtings.



Create the atmosphere you want with our color options



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