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The complementarity and integrity of almost every interior is provided with skirtings. Alright; Why do we need skirtings? Because the skirtings have many useful features. Although skirtings are mostly preferred for the purpose of adding an aesthetic appearance, skirtings can also be used to protect the walls. For this reason, attention should be paid to the models and materials of the skirtings. Our Rumeli model has been developed exactly for these purposes. Skirting models which are developed by using durable materials provide long-term and effective protection. Skirtings act as a shield in all possible impacts and damages. In addition, they also undertake a task for people who want to preserve the aesthetic appearance of the place. By hiding the bad appearance that may occur as a result of the renovation, they make the interiors more elegant.

The skirtings which are useful in every sense, have been used by people who give importance to decoration everytime. However, when we look at the present, luxury skirtings developed in accordance with their intended use have been produced from durable materials to create a better service. In addition to all these factors, Rumeli model can provide all needs with its color preferences and production from durable materials. Apart from the dimensions determined in order to adapt to the houses, it can be arranged in a way suitable for every area thanks to its easy-cut structure. Just like our other skirting models, our Rumeli model adds a stylish touch to your spaces.



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