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Innovation in Living Spaces.


We bring a new design to your houses! With Kocatepe model, we aim to bring innovation to your living spaces and to adapt for every style. Although skirtings may seem like a small detail in houses, we reverse all these thoughts with the benefits it provides. Skirtings which are a harmonious part of the walls and floors in your houses, serve as a protector and  they look stylish. In addition to protecting from dust and dirt that may accumulate on the edges, it is also a shield against scratches and impacts that may come from other items in the house.

Although it displays a modern view with its harmonious dimensions on the walls, it also has the feature of being complementary. Although all the accessories and furniture are compatible in the houses, attention should be paid to the details. Although details such as the colors and patterns of the walls and floor coverings are important, skirtings undertake a greater complementary task. Even though it has a complementary effect with other items in the house, it also creates a sense of integrity in the house in general. Our Kocatepe model; it has been designed in a structure that will harmonize with your walls, floor and other items and accessories in the house and allow your living space to look more spacious. Our Kocatepe model; It will make your living space look more elegance by catching a perfect harmony with your home, no matter what tones your wall and floor colors are with its various color and covering options.



Create the atmosphere you want with our color options



Esentepe Mah. Cevizli  D-100 Güney Yanyol Cad. No: 25 No: 60 Kartal / Istanbul  / TÜRKİYE

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