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Skirtings are important part in our living spaces. It is preferred by many people with the benefits it provides in terms of usage area. When looked, the skirtings which cover a small part of the house have become the building blocks of the house in a way. So why are luxury skirtings so important? Of course, everyone wants to create a more stylish space at home. In order to achieve these stylish spaces, they apply various arrangements in their homes. Especially the walls are one of the most important parts of the houses but these parts need a complement. The most effective solution that can provide this complementarity and give interiors a sofisticated appearance is skirtings. Skirtings should be preferred not only to provide integrity and a stylish appearance but also to prevent unwanted dust and dirt at home.

What are the main points to consider when choosing skirtings?

In the selection of skirtings for those who want to use luxury skirtings; Paying attention to elements such as quality mdf, scratch-proof and impact-resistant surface will provide a long-lasting use process. We submit these specs and needs for you in our Kemer model with a thickness of 14 mm and a height of 7 cm. Our Kemer model which launch 4 color options as Saten Antrasit, Mat Siyah, Lake Beyaz ve Kaya Gri; It is resistant to impacts, scratches and breaks, and with its striped and channeled structure, it provides a stylish and complementary appearance in the environments where it is used.



Create the atmosphere you want with our color options



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