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Do you want to make changes in your living spaces? Then you should definitely take a look at our Kapadokya model. When you want to make changes in your house, no matter what style of accessories and items you will use, complementary parts are definitely needed. Thanks to these complementary parts, a greater sense of integrity is created in the houses. Perhaps skirtings are the most important of these parts. These pieces which have a complementary effect on spaces, including walls and floors, have certain features.

Luxurious skirtings which are needed to create comfort areas in houses are developed with durable materials and offer the opportunity for long-term use. Skirtings create a modern and perfect view used at the edges of the walls and at the junction points of the walls. No matter what color tones are dominant in the houses and what kind of accessories are offered, our Kapadokya model has been developed to adapt to your living space. With our Kapadokya model, you can capture integrity and elegance in your homes, besides; Thanks to its quality, you can achieve a long-lasting use. Due to the structure of our Kapadokya model, you can acquire a integrity between your walls and your floor and allow your furniture to come to the fore. This model, like all our skirting models, is a model that is resistant to impacts and scratches, and it has been designed and produced for you to use it for many years without any problems. Our Kapadokya model; thanks to its structure that can adapt to every area, it stands out as an useful part for the usage areas to have a unique view.



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