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Elegance and Integrity



Elegance and integrity in homes; it is provided with many accessories or parts, skirtings are at the top among these parts. Although luxury skirtings are used to ensure the integrity between the wall and the floor and to prevent the bad appearance at the junction points, there are other reasons for use. The use of skirtings prevents damage and wear on your wall and floor coverings and prevents dust and dirt from accumulating in the corners of the walls. Besides all these; It is also important to use skirtings to provide elegance and integrity in your home and to highlight your furniture. Alright; What should be considered when choosing luxury skirtings?

Produced from high quality mdf material, being resistant to scratches and impacts, and being able to perfectly fit into the gap between the wall and the floor are the points to be considered when choosing skirtings. In addition to all these, it is also important to achieve a modern look, even if it is made on the basis of durability. Skirtings which have a useful structure from every angle, create a different look especially in homes. It creates an extremely modern space with its color variations and dimensions that are compatible with every space. With its 12 mm thickness and 12 cm height, it has a structure that fits perfectly on the walls and adapts to the doors, especially at the corners. Hisar model provide comfort and facility for people who want to have a clean look for a long time in their homes.



Luxury white lacquer finish..



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