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The walls which make the parts of the house more modern, are extremely important. Regardless of the pattern and color of the walls, every item and accesories in house should be attractive. The important point is here; is to protect the walls well. Skirtings that protect the walls also come in this context. Skirtings are needed to protect the walls and at the same time to achieve an aesthetic appearance. Luxury skirtings protects the walls from various damages, foot impacts and many other aspects. From an aesthetic point of view, skirtings hide the bad appearance of the damage caused by the renovation, especially in the houses where the decoration is changed. For this reason, skirtings should be both durable and designed without sacrificing stylish appearance. For this purpose, we launch Çamlıca model to your service.

Çamlıca model has important features. First of all, it is complementary part of the floor and wall without losing the aesthetic appearance of the spaces. In addition, it is produced from a durable material and take on a protective role. The skirting model that combines these features is Çamlıca for sure. Çamlıca; It can appeal to everyone's style by submitting various color options. In addition, it protects both the nature and the walls by its durable structure and eco-friendly production. With its suitable dimensions, it can adapt to any space. You can get both elegance and comfort in your spaces with Çamlıca model.



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