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There are certain points to be considered while decorating the house. Although decorative items and accessories are given importance, the desired appearance cannot be achieved without some complementary pieces. The biggest indicator of this is the walls and the floor. . Walls act as a complement to a house, creating a sense of integrity. The skirting boards between the floor and the wall are almost a part of this unity. We design and carefully manufacture this detail for you, which is often ignored when decorating houses. With our Bosphorus model skirting board, we make a stylish touch to your modern-looking homes.

Although the design of each house is different; With our compatible models, it has become possible to achieve a simple and modern look together. With its structure suitable for cutting and its resistance to inflexion, it is possible to use it for a long time and to be compatible with any desired place. It appeals to the taste of every user with its wide color options. With its Saten Antrasit, Kaya Gri, Mat Siyah ve Lake Beyaz colors, it captures harmony as well as elegance in every home. The fact that it has a thickness of 12 mm and a height of 10 cm in accordance with the shape of the spaces provides advantages in every respect. We launch Boğaziçi model designed in harmony with your modern understanding. You can achieve any decoration you want both in your home and in your office with Boğaziçi model. 



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