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Basic and Elegant


Good news for those who favor simplicity! For people who want to create a basic and elegant atmosphere in their houses; we offer Atakule skirtings. The design of skirtings which can be preferred in every area is considered important. For this purpose, we offer skirtings that can adapt to every space and appeal to people of all styles. Although skirtings serve the same purpose in spaces, we make a difference with Atakule model. We bring together a skirting developed by producing quality materials and a modern look for people who favor simplicity. In principle, we design the skirtings that we produce with quality materials in a way that suits everyone's taste. We make difference with skirtings that we can use in houses and all other areas.

Luxurious skirtings used on the edges of the walls make houses look more sytlish and cleaner. Luxurious skirtings which you will choose in accordance with the decor of your house ensure that your home is in integrity. The main points to consider when choosing skirtings are; that your skirtings are made of quality mdf that does not collect dust, that they are resistant to scratches and impacts, and that they can be painted or coated. We; With our Atakule model, we offer you skirtings suitable for all of these materials. Due to its structure, our Atakule model makes your wall and floor transitions more prominent and creates an integrity in your house. It also facilitates your cleaning work with its dust-free structure.



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